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Disclaimer: It is possible to earn an income through blogging.  However, I make no claims that you will.  I will just let you know how it can be done :), what I've tried, and what works for me.  Some bloggers get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, which means most of their income is earned through ads. It is possible to earn an income from blogging, but you have to be committed and open to learning. 

Below is a list of the blogging resources that can be used to keep your site running smoothly and also to earn an income. I’ve also included a list of companies that I’m affiliated with at the end. Keeping all of this information on this resource page makes it easy for me to reference throughout my site and be able to share with you. I hope these are helpful to you! :) 

1. HostGator- This is the BEST host for beginner bloggers. When starting a website you have to pay a monthly hosting fee and they have plans. As your site has grows, simply upgrade your plan. You definitely want to set your site up using HostGator. They are the best.

2.   Mail Chimp  This is the current e-mail/newsletter service that I use.  It’s easy to use and I have no complaints. It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers if you want to give it a try!

Favorite Affiliates

Affiliates are companies that offer a small percentage of sales to people who share their links and make sales or get people to sign up, download apps, etc. Which affiliates you use will depend on the content of your blog, but here is a list of my favorites.

1.   M usic Teacher's Helper- This is an online resource to help manage your studio.  It's actually pretty amazing!  It provides a complete package that enables you to confidently maintain total control over your studio. The leaving freedom to teach, to create, and to grow as an entrepreneur.